“Crown play time” puzzle

From the episode “Tweet, Tweet! Polly Wanna Cracker!” of the radio program “A Way with Words”.

Guess a word that could logically go before or after each of a trio of words. For example, if the three words are “nest,” “calories,” and “suit,” the answer is “empty,” as in “empty nest,” “empty calories,” and “empty suit.”

Q0: crown, play, time
Q1: blue, six, throat
Q2: bending, game, reader
Q3: bullet, gravy, toilet
Q4: actor, flaw, witness
Q5: office, spring, turtle
Q6: sea, center, weight
Q7: guest, Lincoln, master

A0: triple
A1: deep
A2: mind
A3: train
A4: character
A5: box
A6: dead
A7: bedroom

Extra question: Guess the “crown play time” word for A1 through A7.
Answer: set

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