Blank the Blank

A puzzle named "Blank the Blank" or "Verb the Noun" was presented on the 2008-10-11 episode of "A Way with Words." Here are the clues and answers:

C1. Tony and Angela have been enemies for years, but they finally decided to Blank the Blank.

C2. Tony and Angela have been close friends for years, they finally decided to Blank the Blank.

C3. Tony said "I don't believe I cheated on you, Angela. Therefor I didn't cheat on you." But he's just Blank the Blank.

C4. If you thought cheating Angela was bad, Tony has also been Blank the Blank in his job as an accountant.

C5. After the way he cheated her, I can't say I'm surprised at Angela would Blank the Blank to the Feds.

C6. Wow, in a fair indictment there's no way for tony to run now, he's just gonna have to Blank the Blank.

C7. Wow, it really stinks in here. Hey Tony, did you Blank the Blank?

C8. I think the whole show is finally running out of ideas and adding dumb plot elements. They've really Blank the Blank.

C9. Let's turn off the TV, call a few friends and have them come over, play the naughty game Blank the Blank.

A1. bury the hatchet
A2. tie the knot OR jump the broom
A3. begging the question
A4. cooking the books
A5. spill the beans
A6. face the music
A7. cut the cheese
A8. jumped the shark
A9. spin the bottle

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