Yo-yo quiz

A quiz from the Oct 20, 2008 episode of A Way with Words.
Find a verb making phrasal verbs with the prepositions 'up' and 'down' with given meanings.

Example 1
~ up: to appear
~ down: to reject
Answer: turn

Example 2
~ up: to save all the data on your computer's hard drive just in case
~ down: to retreat, no longer threaten
Answer: back

up: to withstand
down: to apply yourself to a problem

up: to be overcome emotionally
down: to suppress

up: to laugh uncontrollably
down: to become more strict about an issue

up: to rise from a seated position
down: to boogie-woogie-woogie

up: a satire or parody
down: to suspend from university (chiefly British English)

up: to improve usually in a small but perceptible way
down: to land after a flight

up: to maintain a required pace
down: to prevent from progress through force or intimidation

up: reverse parasitosis
down: to begin a fight

A1: bear
A2: choke
A3: crack
A4: get
A5: send
A6: touch
A7: keep
A8: throw

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