2010-01-24 smart.fm

incursion: a raid or invasion; the act of entering another's territory or domain
What was at first an incursion had become a lengthy occupation.

impeccable: without defect or error; flawless

requiem: a religious or musical service for the dead

intractable: difficult to manage or govern; stubborn
The businessman found himself struggling with an intractable situation.

seminal: of reproduction; germinal; originative
on AHDEL: highly influential in an original way; constituting or providing a basis for further development
The discovery of electricity was a seminal development in the history of science.

serene: calm, peaceful, tranquil
The newborn baby girl has a serene expression on her face.

din: loud confusing noise
It was hard to hear anything above the din of the crowd.

antidote: a remedy to counteract a poison
People can die from the bite of a black widow if the antidote is not given in time.

propriety: the quality of being proper; suitableness, appropriateness
The young manager felt that his assistant lacked a sense of propriety.

flout: show scorn or contempt
She makes great effort to flout society's rules.

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