Smart.fm SAT verbal advanced, lesson 5

obviate: to effectively dispose of; to make unnecessary; avert, forestall, prevent
One of the advantages of having a bald head is that it obviates the need for a haircut.

decipher: to read or interpret; convert from a code; decrypt
It took a team of experts years to decipher the message on the scroll.

consternation: great fear or shock that makes one feel helpless or bewildered
bewildered: to confuse or befuddle, especially with numerous conflicting situations, objects or statements
They felt great consternation when they realized they were lost.

abate: to diminish in intensity, violence, amount; to subtract
They were relieved that the violent thunderstorm had finally abated.

forage: search for food or provisions
provisions: a stock of necessary supplies, especially food
Panda bears spend most of their time foraging for food.

duress: constraint by threat; imprisonment
Her father put her under great duress to apologize.

fissure: a long, narrow, deep cleft or crack
cleft: a crack, crevice, or split
These huge fissures in the glacier were attributed to the effects of global warming.

restitution: return to a former condition or situation
He was ordered to make restitution to the company he had stolen money from.

forlorn: without hope; desperate
She was deeply forlorn over the death of her husband.

conciliatory: tending to reconcile
The counselor encouraged the couple to adopt a more conciliatory approach.

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